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What Is a Retrofit Assessment?

A professional Retrofit Assessment provides a blueprint for improving your home’s energy efficiency. It analyses your current insulation, heating, and ventilation systems, identifying areas for improvement. This personalised plan can help you prioritise upgrades, like new insulation, for significant cost savings on your energy bills while enhancing your home’s comfort and environmental footprint.

Your home’s “shell” (walls, roof, windows, and floors) plays a crucial role in energy consumption. At ECO Home UK, we act as architectural detectives, identifying areas for improvement and implementing targeted solutions with precision:

Loft Insulation:

Adding layers of high-performance insulation to your loft space significantly reduces heat loss through the roof, a major source of energy waste. We analyse factors like existing insulation type and recommend the optimal solution for maximum efficiency.

Cavity Wall Insulation:

For properties with cavity walls, we employ specialised techniques to inject insulating material into the gap between the external walls, creating a powerful barrier against heat transfer. We prioritise minimally disruptive methods and ensure no damage to your property.

Solid Wall Insulation:

For solid wall properties, we explore various solutions, including internal and external insulation applications. Our experts consider factors like aesthetics, desired insulation levels, and budget constraints to recommend the most suitable approach.

Underfloor Insulation:

Especially crucial for draughty ground floors, underfloor insulation prevents heat from escaping downwards. We analyse your floor construction and recommend the most effective installation method, ensuring a seamless and long- lasting solution.

Air Source Heat Pumps:

These innovative pumps extract heat from the outside air, providing a clean and efficient heating source for your home. Our experts analyse your climate, property size, and heating requirements to recommend the most effective air source heat pump model and capacity.

Solar Panels:

Generate your own electricity with a roof-mounted solar panel system, reducing reliance on the grid and contributing to a cleaner future. Our team conducts a comprehensive solar suitability assessment, analysing factors like roof orientation, shading, and projected energy generation to design a customised solar panel system that maximises your energy independence.

Why Choose ECO Home UK For Your Retrofit Assessment?

At ECO Home UK, the true strength of our Retrofit Assessment and Coordination Service lies in our meticulous project management. We function as your single point of contact, overseeing every aspect of the retrofit process to ensure seamless integration of all improvements. This ensures each element works in perfect harmony, maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your retrofit project. Here’s why you should choose us for your retrofit assessment:

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A Team of Experts: Our dedicated team comprises skilled assessors, client support specialists, and coordinators. We offer a full spectrum of services, including coordination, assessment, design, RICS surveyor services, and invaluable start-up guidance for new installers.

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Accredited Professionals: Our coordinators and assessors hold industry-leading accreditations from Stroma, ECMK, and Elmhurst, guaranteeing consistent quality and adherence to best practices.

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TrustMark Registered: For your complete peace of mind, Eco Home UK is fully registered with TrustMark, a government-endorsed scheme that verifies our commitment to quality and professionalism.

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PAS 2035/2030 Specialists: Our team's extensive experience in PAS 2035-aligned assessments, coordination, and consultancy ensures comprehensive support for all risk paths within the framework, guaranteeing your project's compliance. We offer a full accreditation service, including QMS completion, method statements, risk assessments, policies, and procedures. We also provide desktop and site audit gap analysis to identify non-conformities.

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LAD (Local Authority Delivery) Project Delivery: Our LAD services encompass feasibility studies, process flow and scheme management, and full retrofit assessments and coordination – all tailored for building fabric measures and heating (ASHP) projects – ensuring your project aligns with local authority initiatives and achieves optimal LAD outcomes.

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Market-Leading Technology: We leverage cutting-edge technical platforms like ECOSurv and Corelogic to provide a seamless and transparent end-to-end process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Meticulous Planning: We create a detailed project plan outlining the scope of work, timeline, and budget for your entire retrofit. This ensures a smooth and efficient project with no unexpected delays or cost overruns.

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Seamless Communication: We maintain open communication channels with you throughout the entire process. From initial consultation to project completion, you'll receive regular updates and have a dedicated point of contact to answer any questions.

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Unmatched Speed: Experience the difference with our guaranteed 48-hour turnaround for all retrofit assessment jobs.

Retrofit Assessments and ECO 4

Many homeowners considering insulation upgrades can benefit from ECO 4, a government scheme launched in April 2022 and running until March 2026. This initiative aims to invest £4 billion in energy efficiency improvements, helping millions of homes across the UK become greener and more affordable to heat. A qualified Retrofit Assessment is a crucial step in determining your home’s eligibility for ECO 4 grants, potentially reducing the cost of insulation installations and other energy-saving measures like boiler replacements or heat pumps!

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